Lone Jack Battlefield Museum
and Soldier's Cemetery

This site represents the impact of the
Civil War on this nation’s citizens as it
exemplifies the national conflict as
well as the deprivations and terror
civilians in the Border Counties
endured as renegade bands of
guerrillas and irregular Union troops
preyed on them from 1854, when the
Border War started and continued
throughout the war years.  The
constant threat from the numerous
skirmishes, the spying of neighbor
against neighbor, the irregular
practices of draft enforcement and the
depredations of the war set a true
example of the war of brother against
brother.  This battle is indicative of
the fratricidal nature of the Civil War
in Missouri.
The Lone Jack Civil War Battlefield, Museum & Soldier's Cemetery is the only Civil War
Museum in Jackson County, Missouri and one of the few battlefields where the soldiers,
who perished during the battle, are still buried on the battlefield and it has not been
designated as a National Cemetery.
The Lone Jack Civil War Museum is a unique round native stone building built in 1963.
It houses a variety of displays including artifacts from the Battle of Lone Jack,items of
local history, photos of the men who fought at Lone Jack, as well as dioramas depicting:

The Battle of Lone Jack
The battle of Westport
General Order #11
Quantrill's burning of Lawrence

The Cave Hotel is available for guided tours during your visit to the Battlefield and Museum.  Please be sure to let the volunteer on duty know if you would like to tour the
If you would like more information about the Lone Jack battlefield or would like to
schedule a special tour of the Battlefield and Cave Hotel, please call 816-805-1815 or
send us an
Lone Jack Battlefield Museum
301 S. Bynum Rd.
Lone Jack, MO  64070

Museum: (816) 697-8833
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November - February
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Closed Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year's &
During inclement weather.

Adults: $5.00
Children to ages 12 to 6: $2.00
Children under 6:  Free


We are located 12 mi. E of Lee's Summit on US 50; 40 mi. E of Olathe, KS on US
150; 25 mi. W of Warrensburg; & 30 mi. E of the KS - MO state line on I - 435.
Across the years
that intervene,
The thoughts come
rushing back
Of those who perished
on the green
At the Battle of Lone Jack
The wearers of the
honored Blue
And those who wore the Grey
Each fought for his own
best loved cause
On that eventful day.

Patriots all, and tried
and true,
The braver who can say,
Whether they wore the Blue,
Or those who wore the Grey.

And side by side they're
lying there,
The heroes, 'neath the sod,
All equal in the common dust,
All children of one God.
And new decades have
heard the tale,
Nor honor shall they lack
Who wore the Blue or
wore  the Grey
At the Battle of Lone Jack.
The Battle of Lone Jack
by Frank Trew
John Temple
John Owen
Joseph Binkley
John Greufe
Union and Confederate
Trenches & Monuments
Lone Jack Battlefield and Cemetery
located in Lone Jack, Missouri
(More photos below!!)
Confederate Monument
Union Monument Inscription