Brigadier General E. B. BROWN,

Commanding District Southwestern Missouri, Springfield, Mo.

AUGUST 16, 1862.-Action at Lone Jack, Mo.

FAYETTEVILLE, MO., August 20, 1862.

SIR: Your dispatch of the 18th is just received. I came upon the united forces of
Coffee, Hunter, Tracy, Jackson, and Cockrell, numbering 4,000, at Lone Jack,
about 7 p. m. on the 17th instant.

On the morning of the 16th the rebel forces attacked Major Foster at Lone Jack
with 600 State Militia, defeating him and capturing two pieces of artillery.

The loss on each side was about 50 killed and 75 to 100 wounded. Among the
latter was Major Foster. Foster's command made a gallant fight, and were only
defeated by overwhelming force.

On my arrival at Lone Jack I found General Warren, with a command of 800,
consisting of the First Missouri and First Iowa Cavalry and two pieces of
artillery, threatened with immediate attack by the whole rebel force, the rebel
pickets being then in front of his camp; but on hearing of my approach they
immediately commenced a retreat under cover of the night, availing
themselves of the shelter of heavy timber for a distance of 6 miles, crossed our
trail in the rear, and made a precipitate flight south. They have never halted
since they commenced their retreat except long enough to feed their horses,
and they crossed the Osage at this point yesterday at 10 a. m. My advance,
under Colonel Cloud, skirmished with their rear guard yesterday, killing and
wounding several and taking a number of prisoners.

Coffee is talking of forming a junction with Rains at Greenfield and make a
stand, which I hope they may do, as my command is much exhausted by forced
marches and the stock is badly used up.

Since I left Fort Scott my command has marched over 200 miles, on an average
of 40 miles per day, without tents, and the last two days without subsistence,
except as we could forage off the enemy; yet the men have borne their fatigue
and privations cheerfully in anticipation of meeting the enemy.

I arrived here at 2 o'clock this morning and shall march in an hour for


Brigadier-General, Commanding.

Official Reports - War of the Rebellion; Page235 & 236 MO., ARK., KANS.,