[Connersville, Indiana]
At Home Again.
James M. Scott, Orderly Sergeant of Third Indiana
Battery, is at home on furlough. It will be recollectcd
that he was severely wounded in the fight with the
rebels at Lone Jack. Mo. He has not recovered from
his wounds; one of them still gives him much pain.
He does not wish to quit the service, and will return
to his post as soon as his wounds cease to afflict him.
He has proved himself faithful and efficient in the
service, and been highly complimented for his skill
as an artillerist.

We met Lieut. James M. Scott, of the 22nd Indiana
Battery, on our streets the other day.  He is looking
well and hardy.

1882 History of Linn County, Missouri
* * *
JAMES M. SCOTT Yellow Creek Township, 692
was born in Union county, Indiana, July 8, 1837,
being the son of William and Ellen Scott. He received
a common school education in that State, removed to
Connersville, Fayette county, Indiana, and
apprenticed himself to learn the tinner’s trade with
N. H. Burke, with whom he remained until 1861. Mr.
Scott was married to Miss Nellie C. Hyatt, at Jefferson
City, Missouri, May 19, 1863. She was born at
Portsmouth, Scioto county, Ohio, November 27, 1844.
By this union there were eight children: Charles H.,
was born October 20, 1865; Mary, May 1, 1867; Edith
Maud, April 8, 1870; Ella, March 14, 1872; Georgie
Kate, March 27, 1875; Hattie E., April 1, 1877; Bertie,
May 7, 1880. Mrs. Scott died May 18, 1880; Charles
H. died October 28, 1865; Ella died January 11,
1873; Hattie E. died January 17, 1878.
Mr. Scott came to Hannibal, Missouri, in January,
1865, engaging in the grocery trade; removed to
Brookfield, Linn county, in August 1865, and was
engaged in various occupations up to September,
1876, when he removed to St. Catharine and followed
the business of a tinner and general hardware
merchant. He was appointed township clerk in 1876,
and was elected to the same office in 1877, holding it
until the abolishment of the township organization.
In April, 1881, he was elected township clerk and
assessor, and still holds that office. Mr. Scott enlisted
in the three months’ service in 1861; failed to reach
Indianapolis, Indiana, in time to be mustered in, but
was held to serve with the State Guards on the Ohio
River. July 24, 1861, he enlisted in the Third
Indiana Battery, serving until October 24, 1862; was
wounded by minie and musket balls at the battle of
Lone Jack, Missouri, August 16, 1862; was
transferred to the Twenty-second Indiana Battery
and promoted to be a first lieutenant. In this capacity
he continued in active service until March 29, 1863,
when he resigned, finding his health was rapidly
declining and he was suffering severely from the
wounds received at Lone Jack. Mr. Scott has a fine
residence and four lots at St. Catharine, Missouri,
and is doing a thriving business.

James M. Scott died on  2 Jul 1899 in Linn,
James M. Scott